Bonmont Energy provides advice and assistance to governments in all aspects concerning the promotion and regulation of oil and gas exploration and production acreage.  Bonmont Energy business model is based on close collaboration and the transfer of knowledge to ensure that the success of a licensing campaign is sustainable, politically and commercially acceptable for the host country and that the ensuing investment is effectively regulated.

Bonmont Energy and its associates combine their significant knowledge and experience in working with government agencies and national oil companies (NOCs) to provide integrated services that cover such diverse fields of expertise as:

  •       project management,
  •       petroleum law and economics and financing,
  •       geology and geophysics
  •       environmental regulation and sustainable development,
  •       market analysis, promotion and media relations,
  •       web portal development,
  •       document and archive management,
  •       negotiations and regulating.

The business model is based, at all times, on providing resources to enhance those skills and expertise already held by licensing agency staff and associated government bodies.  Our level of support can range from project management of the entire process to providing experts to execute specific tasks within a government managed promotional campaign.

Stakeholder acceptance and support is the essence of the solid foundations needed for a successful licensing campaign. Bonmont Energy applies its experience in dealing with all levels of administration to assist its client in establishing full administrative, political and popular support throughout the licensing campaign. Bonmont Energy has the ability to see the business from both sides and assist in establishing a commercial and technical environment that is conducive to foreign investment and optimises state revenue and local development in a competitive manner.  

We encourage our government clients to approach a licensing round as a long-term commercial and highly competitive business and we assist our clients to adapt and develop their own in-house resources to confront these challenges.

While setting up a project to successfully license exploration and production acreage, many key questions need to be address. These are examples of the types of questions that Bonmont Energy will assist its clients in answering:
  •       How do I develop an effective promotion strategy that attract foreign investment in the current
          compeitive market?
  •       How do I match and market my opportunities to the right potential partners – niche
          player, local, small independents, major oil companies, international national oil
  •       What are my future partners looking for? Can I offer it? Do I want to offer it? Will
          our relationship flourish?
  •       Do the licensing terms ensure optimum benefit to the country and the local
          investor while being conducive to foreign investment?
  •       Can my terms rapidly adjust to future exploration success or future oil  price fluctuations?
  •       Do the terms satisfy the needs of my stakeholders and do I have their long-term
  •       Do I have a "ready for business" attitude:  preparation, staffing, training,
          engagement, good communications, etc.
  •       Is my data cataloged and is it accessible to foreign investors? Do I charge for access to data?
  •       Should I acquire more data?
  •       What are the bidding criteria and how are they weighted?